Monday, May 13, 2013

GAPS Moroccan-Spiced Stuffed Squash + SEEDS!

Items in bold are work ahead items.  Can make veggie-meat mixture ahead.
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  • Cook Time:

  • Place squash, cut-side down on baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes at 375o, until flesh is tender. I cook these earlier in the day, turning off the oven after 15 minutes and leaving in the oven until dinner to keep warm.

    Heat oil and add onions, brown slightly before adding celery, carrots and peppers [and opt. kale].

    Salt and let come back up to heat before adding spices.

    After one minute, add the cooked meat of choice (or even beans) and broth[I skip]. Simmer and reduce to nearly dry. Once the pan is nearly dry, add the apples and melt a whole stick of butter (yeah, baby!) in the pan.When the butter has melted, place the minced garlic in the pool and stir.Turn off the heat.Salt the squash and fill with meat and vegetable mixture.
    DON'T TOSS THE SEEDS! Soak for at least 7 hours (?).  Bake them with salt, olive oil and butter. :)

  • Frying: Stir the pumpkin seeds around in the skillet with a spoon continuously until they expand (balloon) and start to brown (and sort of squeal).

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