Thursday, October 2, 2014

What I learned from the Skilled (Though Crass) Clinton Kelly

Ah, Silly Anne Shirely Philosophy
I've enjoyed some of TLC's hit show What Not To Wear,  which stars Clinton Kelly and Stacy London.
And I picked up Kelly's book, "Oh, No She Didn't: 100 Fashion Mistakes Women Make.

Here's what I gleaned:

Get a tailor.  Often.

Color stuff:
Ketchup red and Beige or any color close to your skin tone
Black brings out blemishes and under eye circles.
Blue tint red lip color less likely to make teeth look yellow.
White top with black bottom looks like waiter.

Fit stuff:

Stirrup pants/leggings/skinnies make thighs/ hips look big. Tunic or dress over.
Shirt bottom should hit in the middle of widest part of hips.
Turtle necks make your neck look thicker
Belt smallest part
Take high quality sweater back if it pills up

Style stuff:
No boca sandals or polar fleece.
Matching jewelry sets : Don't wear together!