Tuesday, April 21, 2015

“What a horrible mother:” How a call from a “good samaritan” derailed these mothers’ lives

I found this article chilling.  And outrageous.  But God can turn something scary into a real adventure where His grace is seen vividly.  One homeschool mom gave me a testimony of His love during a hospital/nurse/social worker nightmare.  I was so encouraged to look at snoopy do-gooders who are quick to judge parents and their decisions.

To all these "good samaritan" people, I'd say:

  • Let's not jump to conclusions.
  • I do appreciate your concern for a child you don't even know. Perhaps I will thank you in a while after I get over this scare, but for right now, all I am is upset. 
  • Before you call the police, could we talk for a few minutes?
  •   If you call the police, they will come and likely make me go through parenting classes and community service, if I spend every penny I have on lawyers.  That will mean I will not have the money to feed and clothe my child as well.  You've scared me with that threat.  I will never do this again.  
  • Why do you think the police can take better care of my child because I made one mistake?  Because I'm not perfect?
  • Yes, I make lots of mistakes in parenting.  Are you perfect at taking care of the people who depend on you?  Should we suspend your status?
  • The Good Samaritan did more than just get help for a situation.  He gave himself.  He sacrificed. A lot.
  • Are you aware that kidnapping is almost always done by someone close to the family?