Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vinegar Hair Rinse

How to Remove Mineral Deposits From HairI use baking soda for brushing my teeth, deodorant, and pre-wash hair rinse (see blog post).
I keep white distilled vinegar also in the bathroom for cleaning mirror, removing mineral build up on sink/shower, and  now leave in (or can be rinsed once) hair conditioner.  I have only used wapple cider , but I'm going to try white.

 Used this, and loved it:
How to Remove Hair Residue With Vinegar at HomeMix 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar with 1 cup water by shaking them together in a bottle. According to "Hair Care: An Illustrated Dermatologic Handbook," apple cider vinegar is the most effective type of vinegar at removing residue in hair, though other types of vinegar will produce favorable results and can be used if apple cider vinegar is unavailable.
Allow the vinegar mixture to sit in your hair for at least three minutes, which according to "The Science of Hair Care," is the minimum amount of time required for the vinegar to break up the molecular structure of the residue, mobilizing the residue to allow it to be rinsed away.
Rinse the vinegar mixture from your hair with cool water. According to "Hair and Hair Care," cool water constricts the hair's cuticle, allowing it to better withstand daily exposure to pollution and styling products.
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Another method:
After you have rinsed out the shampoo, squirt the vinegar solution evenly all over your hair, keeping it out of your eyes. Massage your scalp thoroughly with the vinegar solution in it. Rinse your hair one final time.
Use the vinegar rinse once to twice per week after shampooing to keep your hair shiny and prevent mineral deposits from forming again.

Because vinegar tends to dry the hair, you may wish to condition your hair before applying the vinegar solution. You may use distilled water instead of rainwater. Just skip the filtering and heat water to boiling. Rosemary acts as a natural tonic and conditioner. It stimulates growth, helps keep dandruff at bay and adds body and luster to hair, according to Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft Company.
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