Friday, October 18, 2013

Source of Less Pasteurized Raw Almonds

Have you ever purchased “raw” almonds in a store to make crispy nuts, taking the time to soak, then carefully dehydrate at a low temperature to preserve the enzymes?

If so, you may feel hoodwinked.

All almonds sold in stores are pasteurized.

Even if the label says “raw.”

All of them.

It’s the law.

If the almonds are organic, they’re pasteurized using a burst of steam. Otherwise, most likely chemicals are used in a process called PPO, or Propylene Oxide. It’s FDA and EPA approved. Of course.
The idea behind them still being labeled “raw” is that the treatment is only on the outside and doesn’t really “cook” or (apparently, according to the government) alter or effect the inside or nutritional value.
If you don’t like the idea of chemicals being puffed at your food, whether EPA says it all goes away in a few minutes or not, or you want truly raw almonds, you have to buy directly from the grower.
You can find farms like this one selling online, but the almonds aren’t cheap.
Raw Milk has been consumed for hundred of years.  It's illegal?
I recently tested out some almonds (delicious!) from Just Almonds, a great middle-of-the-road option where they steam pasteurize the almonds and sell at a great price. If you buy 25 pounds of nonpareil almonds, which you’ll want to do when you fall in love with these grain-free pancakes, they’re only $4.12/pound.
You can even buy the broken (aka “ugly”) almonds, which are perfect for grinding recipes like this one and the power bars in Healthy Snacks to Go, starting at $3.55/pound for just 5 pounds, and only $2.98 once you order 25 pounds. As long as you’re not serving fancy guests, why not eat broken ones, too?
Just Almonds shared a coupon code for KS readers to make things an even better deal: use the code “KS” to get 10% off any order!

I hope to work more with Just Almonds, so if you’re interested in their products, definitely give them a visit so they see that the KS audience is the right one for them!

 (By the way, in a little sprouting experiment, the Just Almonds did just as well making little sprouts as the truly raw almonds I bought from the farm…)


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