Monday, August 5, 2013

Tradition: The Authority of Man


We obey God in all things, including when he says to submit to earthly authorities.  Of course, the authorities must obey God in their rule.  It is a blessing to have the ruling guidance of parents, husbands, elders and civil authorities - when they are righteous.  

When I look at my options, whether it is how I drive, when I wake up, who I hang with, how I handle money, or how I dress, I look to tradition: the guidelines handed down from the authorities of the past.  More often than not, good principles are simple.  And they make life simple once I decide to submit to them, trusting in God's provision as far as the results.  

When one bases his life on principle, 99 percent of his decisions are already made.  ~Author Unknown

"Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about." G.K. Chesterton

Prov. 6:20-24
20 My son, keep your father's command, and do not forsake the law of your mother. 21 Bind them continually upon your heart; Tie them around your neck. 22 When you roam, they will lead you; When you sleep, they will keep you; and when you awake, they will speak with you.

Prov. 23:22
22 Listen to your father who begot you, and do not despise your mother when she is old.

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