Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Organizing Photos and Keepsakes

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Portraits: Have a Set "Schedule" for Each Child

Create a Wedding Album with One Page for Each Wedding You Attend

Create a Christmas Album: A Perfect Gift for Newlyweds or New Parents, too!

Keep Birth Announcements You Receive in an Album or Folder

Instead of filling one DVD with anything and everything and then moving to the next DVD, I have about 15 DVD's going.  Each child has her own Birthday DVD--she also has her own Special Events DVD (sports, school programs, etc.).  As a family, we have separate DVD's for all the holidays--Christmas, Halloween, Easter... and then we have a DVD for "piano recitals" or anything the kids do together.  This works to keep the footage separate.

Here's an example:  on one daughter's birthday, I will film a short "interview" with her (I would rather hear what she has to say at age 3 than see her blowing out candles), and I only allow myself 5 minutes at the most.  (Down the road, watching 20 minutes will get boring; 5 minutes or less is perfect to give you a glimpse of that moment in time!)  After the interview, we say, "See you next year!" and I stop taping and put that DVD away until the following year.

Portraits: Have a Set "Schedule" for Each Child

Collect Family Recipes and Photos and Make a Family Cookbook Online: Everyone Can Order a Copy!

Only Print Individual Photos for Framing

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