Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stay at Home Wife and Mom Wardrobe Tips
Check out my recent post on fashion and wardrobe lessons.  I feel like I've been doing a crash course in finishing school.  It's been refreshing!  Above, these photos all have elements of a great stay at home wife wardrobe, though some have elements to avoid (like short pencil skirts).  What you do when looking at outfits is get inspiration from what is good (the colors, patterns, layering, maybe imagine the pencil as maxi). 

General Attitude and Guides:

 Organizing - making online/computer virtual closet, maximizing -

Choosing Shoes:

Obviously, heels will crush little fingers and cause (worse) trips.

Patent, suede and cloth covered shoes take wear better than man- made leather.  Genuine leather has to be maintained. Save leather for occasional and rainy day use.

Choosing Colors:

Success Stories!!

One lady says, "This French stay-at-home mom wears exactly what she would on days that she goes out! I find that I get more accomplished and am in a better mood all day if I still dress nice, do my hair, my make-up and even click-clack around the house in heels. Heck I even repaired my washing machine in heels! Lol. Feeling good about yourself is all that matters. Who cares if no one sees how fabulous you look that day, you KNOW you look fabulous and that's all that matters! :-)"

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