Monday, October 15, 2012

Xenoestrogens - Some Hormonal effects of chemicals

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Great yahoo group, by the way.  They helped me with my kidney infections during pregnancy.

I would like to know your advice or opinion about breast cyst. I read different articles that recommend avoiding dairy products and saturated fat for fibrocystic breast.

Breast tissue is very responsive to estrogenic stimulation, and breast cysts form as a result of this stimulation. Many man-made chemicals are estrogens, called xenoestrogens: many pharmaceutical drugs (particularly the pill and HRT), personal care products (particularly deodorants), cleaning chemicals, plastics, decorating materials, etc. Please, research xenoestrogens – these are the first things to remove from your life immediately. Milk has quite a substantial amount of estrogens which the cow produces, particularly when the cow is pregnant. So, if you have fibrocystic breasts it is a good idea to remove dairy until the condition has cleared. Animal fat stores many toxins, including xenoestrogens. That is why a person with fibrocystic breasts should have organic and grass-fed meats and fats and avoid conventional meats and fats, until the condition clears.
Keep in mind that estrogens from diary and meats/fats are hundred times safer than man-made chemicals – xenoestrogens. So, it is the chemicals you have to remove first and foremost. And when your breasts have recovered, you can re-introduce organic dairy.

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