Sunday, October 14, 2012


Main lesson for me:  Computer Document Inventories - it's the answer to organizing stuff in general!
The following is from

Simple Pantry Cooking

31 Days to Simplified Menu Planning: How to Simplify Your Kitchen Flow

series..  Altered by me.  I would estimate time it takes for each step, then schedule the job.
  1. Empty your pantry/fridge* space(s).
  2. Wipe down the empty shelves.
  3. Label shelves and any containers with categories: cans, bags, bulk, baking goods. Use whatever categories make sense to you.
  4. Take inventory:
 Have pantry staples in grocery list handy to mark what's missingyou might want to start with Simplified Pantry’s master pantry list, but feel free to personalize it.

and specialty ingredients on computer doc.  

 5. Put back.

 *Extra for fridge/freezer:
  • Defrost it (if needed) & wash it out.
  • Label (even just with a Sharpie!) the shelves and drawers. (use masking tape tags)
  • Make a plan to use up foods that have been in there long enough.

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