Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Organize Stuff you learn Online in a Blog {Organizing Blog Posts}

I am constantly learning from online resources and saving in documents.  I thought, "Why not save on a blog, so that I can easily share with people what I learn? "  To keep me focused, I'll follow a protocol that will keep my original need for organized reference material.

- New Post
- Copy from website  Text, and, if necessary,Title
- Web search "free stock photo [insert subject] ", copy-paste
 - Share to facebook and pinterest, if desired.

for new label,
- go to blog, click on new label
-copy link
-Create New Page>Web Address
-paste link

Storing my blog so I have a back up when internet isn't available:

Once a month or so, before I back up my computer, I

-open document called  A Lady's Florilegium
-open all pages on tabs, except blog
 - copy each page's content onto document above old copy
-delete old copy

Also, before backing up, I'm just going to add I need to:
-empty camera of pics - delete from camera

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