Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cradle Cap

First, I looked on medical encyclopedia like websites.  Based on what I found, I bristle-brushed her head and tried to shampoo more often.  This it didn't get better, so I browsed the web a bit.  I like reading from forums where people get into detail about their natural treatments.  Here's what I read and followed:

ThumbnailI am a mother of eight and have seen it with each and evry child of mine. I was told to rub a special oil on their head, then wait overnight (and get the oil al over everything?!).

I have come to see that any oil will do, so I use olive oil since I've always got it in the house and it is thicker than baby oil.

What I do: I
  • dampen the baby's head with a warm wet cloth, 
rub the oil in. With the skinny teeth side of a comb (or a lice comb) I gently comb in the opposite direction of the scales, getting under them to raise them and comb them away. My baby would usually be very relaxed as I did this. Once done, I would gently wash their hair as usual with a baby wash to get the olive oil out and voila! Nice looking baby with no yucky yellow scales on their head!
Due note, the scales are often stuck to the hair and so, as you comb, the scales are coming off with hair. But no worries, the hair left will look healthier anyway.

After showering, much more of her scalp looks scaly, in a wet way.  I'll oil more than I see next time.  Coconut oil smells better so I used it, though it can be drying.  Mom suggested rotating with olive oil. 


  1. Josie had Cradle Cap pretty icky looking! I rubbed Coconut Oil onto her dry head and just left it. The next it looked better! I left it in her hair for two days I think and then washed it out real good. Her head was pretty much...healed, better, non cradle cap or whatever you want to call it. =) I had to do another Coconut Oil treatment after a moth of so, but after that, nothing! =) Ahhh, the wonders of Coconut Oil. =)

  2. Yep, it worked amazingly for me. I'll know what to do if I get it bad on any others. I hope since I treated early it will just peter out. It's so nice that she liked the head massage too!:)


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