Friday, October 26, 2012

My First Knitting of a Diaper Cover

Front CoverThis pattern is a Diaper Cover by Marie Connolly.  See Pattern here, pg108.

I'll be making the waist band longer and the rear end roomier too.
Also, my stitch counts throughout the pattern differ from those in the book as mine is a smaller version.

I started with 64 CO and making the waist 2 inches.

Added 4 stitches to the body on #5 needles when done with the waist band, on the 1st row of knit before beginning the short row increases.  68 stitches.  marker at 34.

Back shaping:
Used smallest stitch count in instructions.
Marked last row's stitches before wrap w/ the "locking marker. "  Locking means not slipped each row like the one at 34 stitches, I guessed.

worked all stitches in stockinette for 5 rows, then repeated the 8 short row, to make rear roomier.
Took the 3 inches length from the "locking marker. "

I didn't know how to wrap and turn, so watched this:

Also, to knit M1R/ M1L:


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