Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shopping Once a ... Month?

No, I haven't gotten there, yet.   But I know it's possible, and, yes, possible to still be eating tasty and fresh-ish at the end of it.*

Part of the routine has to be eating mostly fresh at the beginning and eating frozen and pantry combos at the end.  (We do pick up eggs and milk weekly.)  So, I need two have recipe/meal choosing guidelines for each phase.

Fresh Beginnings Phase:

Use the soon to perish meat, cheese, veggies, fruits, herbs ( any produce not listed in next phase).


Be checking on Perishables.  chill or freeze whatever is going bad.

Frozen/Pantry Phase: 

MAIN: Soup
Cheese/Bean dishes
Casseroles with leftovers
Frozen meals

SIDES: Grains, Fresh: *Squash, Potatoes, Cabbage, Celery, Carrots, Alliums, beets,
 Apples, citrus, Pears, melons, bananas (tie in bag when you buy green, last longer)

I'll go back in Tightwad Gazette sometime and find what it says in the index.  I'm pretty sure it had some extra tips.

Note: "Now to be fair, I actually still do step inside a grocery store once a week. I spend 75% of my budget on my big monthly shopping trip, and then use the remaining 25% to take what I call “mini trips” each week in the remainder of the month. Those mini-trips are only for re-stocking the fresh produce and taking advantage of any loss-leader sales that might arise."  Crystal Paine

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