Monday, May 12, 2014

Reposts: Mother's Day Thoughts

Late night thoughts on motherhood   from

I was so touched by this writing....

That I went in search of more inspiration...

"I’m used to immediate results, the waxed perfection and uniformity of the produce aisle, and the fruit devoid of the sweat it took to taste it.

"But the good news is, I can come to the Lord of the Harvest knowing my ignorance, my impatience, my lack of discipline, my short-sightedness—in short, knowing all the weaknesses I bring as a parent–and pray....

"I can come asking for that which I do not have: I can ask for the patience to persevere through many fallow days... I can come in my weakness, expecting His grace, wisdom and mercy.

"And so I come knocking on Heaven’s door these days, for the strength
to be the kind of person I want them to become and to love, and live,
and parent each and every day with an eye to the harvest."

Catherine's latest Book for Expectant Mothers

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