Monday, April 22, 2013

What to Buy Organic

As I strive to obtain the best foods for the best price, I am learning what is worth getting organic. For a while I avoided buying non-organic of the dirty dozen of produce and any animal products.  Then Dr. Natasha of the GAPS diet recommended choosing organic produce over organic animal products when you need to. I want to continue researching.  Ultimately, I know it's better to buy quality food.  We are what we eat, and spending to eat well now means less medical bills later - plus better quality of life!  This knowledge makes me feel great!  I love making healthy choices, and helping others to as well. 
As I explore farmer's markets, I may ask farmers about their practices.  One thing to keep in mind is that some farmers use good organic practice even though they can't afford the certification process.

 This will be a post I update as I acquire information. 


 Citrus:  Growing up in citrus country - FL - I didn't find these were contaminated.  BUY NORMAL.

Dark green veggies:  So nutritious, worth getting ORGANIC.

Need to research:

 Coconut -

Maple Syrup - Non-organic processing purportedly causes contamination of formaldehyde, but is that serious or does it just sound atrocious?

Potatoes - There are no GMO's, but it's a dirty dozen member.  Sometimes sprayed with anti-sprout chemical?

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