Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Repost: Don't Let Kids Brush Their Teeth Solo Until ...

Repost:  Don't Let Kids Brush Their Teeth Solo Until  They Can Tie Their Shoes

" My doctor gave me this tip once:  until your children can demonstrate to you that they can tie their own shoes, they're not ready to brush their own teeth.
Kids simply don't have the dexterity yet to hit every tooth surface properly until they're able to tie their shoes, and who wants to deal with cavities being filled as a result of poor dental care?  (Not me!  And not your kids, either!)  I love this tip because it's black and white.  There's no gray area whatsoever.  And you can also blame the doctor or dentist:  "Hey, it's not my rule.  The dentist is the one who said it works this way..."  That point usually makes them give up and hand you the toothbrush.  (Just like on an airplane when I say that the pilot says you HAVE to stay in your seat, and you HAVE to keep your seatbelt on--and don't think I haven't hit the call button more than once to have a flight attendant give that very information directly to my child!  Works every time.  No kid wants to upset a PILOT.  They practically have SuperHero status!)
So the next time your kids start whining about being old enough to brush their own teeth, simply remind them of the shoe-tying rule, and put the argument to rest without another word.  I wouldn't be surprised if it encourages them to start working on tying their shoes, too!  You'll have shoe-tying, tooth-brushing, super-proud kids in no time!  :)   "

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