Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Hospitality To Do List - Saturday Lunch

dressed and ready

 Stuffed peppers,  broccoli, carrots, winter squash, bok choy salad, Sauerkraut

Day before or at 8:00am

House Guest Prep Cleaning Protocol
clean bathroom
clean glass table
dust (glass table too)
clean kitchen (fridge, stove)
sweep porch

kitchen (Indented items are lesser priorities if I am short on time) :
9:30dishwasher emptied
assemble peppers
cut squash 
chop carrots, clean food processor
make and eat breakfast
      table set
dish: Raspberries
Raspberries soaked with honey (Experimenting which is better)
whip cream
dish chocolate
10:30 run dishwasher:

Dish: granola
Chopped hazelnuts

coconut flakes

11: Creme Anglaise out
cook squash
cook carrots
put squash over carrots, keep warm
heat broc in butter and salt
dish squash, - butter, salt
dish carrots butter, salt
out: bok choy salad, Sauerkraut
emptry dishwasher
grate cheese 

Goal: ready by 12
Must be ready : 1pm

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