Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Defending LIFE: Why Do We Show Aborted Babies?

   "a culture 

is able 

to trivialize injustice 


        when it never has to see it"                                                       -Greg Cunningham

Teachers showed us pictures of WWII to demonstrate what went on in the death camps.

Martin Luther King Jr. was very effective in using visual aids that were very provocative and disturbing to make people aware of genocide and injustice.

The same is true about abortion footage and images.  This is about awareness and its effect.

Sometimes, I need a jolt back to reality.

Sometimes, I get all wound up about laundry, taxes, zits, and traffic.

Sometimes, I find that I am turning my eyes away from the pain and suffering in the world.

 If you have never seen photos of aborted babies before, and are as easily visually affected as I am, you may want to not watch the movie in the middle of this presentation. 

But look at images today until it affects you. Let it call you to consider.


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