Monday, December 3, 2012

Tips for Easier Labor & Delivery

Reposting from dear friend Caitlin's blog

{Instead of the last one, I drank wine.  Didn't have time for whipping up natual electrolyte drink... my labor was 4 hours, either because of the hurricane, or that I did all points 1 thru 3.  ;}
(Notes taken from this article via the Weston A. Price Foundation)

  • Consistent daily exercise (non-strenuous): walking, yoga, gardening, etc.
  • Walk outdoors every day
  • Adequate protein important (especially red meat and organ meats)
  • "During labor, I recommend taking electrolytes, such as Trace Mineral Research Electrolyte Stamina Tablets, which can restore energy and intensity of contractions in minutes."

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