Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Planning a Trip

Upcoming: Legoland and Epcot with free tickets!

  •  find free PARKING, , plan on TRAFFIC
  • Eat a big breakfast: bacon, sausage, eggs, grits, smoothie, toast,(Shane doesn't like oatmeal... :P)

  • bring FOOD (allowed?)
PACK bottles of water
 and food:

In cooler, or eat soon: fruit, ham, cheese, salad, leftovers, carrots,
Afternoon snacks: crackers, chips,trail mix or nuts and dried fruit

  • Stuff to do in car: Knit, Office work, Book, Paper and Pencils for Drawing and Games
  • Camera, empty memory and battery full. =]
  • Map and directions.
  • Lay out clothes,shoes, hat, etc.  day before
  • Check weather - umbrella, waterproof shoes, cold, hot, 
  • Baby and Tots: Stroller, diapers, nursing cover, changes of clothes,  /'

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