Monday, December 10, 2012

Making LOTR Elf Costumes

Site that helped:

Me: Old White Velvet medieval dress.
silver hair ornaments lace and put over arms and collar

Alternate: Riding Habbit

Black coat, wide belt around buttons on waist, collar up, white medieval long sleeves out.  boots, cover laces with cloth.

Find at good will: Cape with hood/Cloak, to cover lack of long hair
 Inner robe : Mandarin collar shirt with tight sleeves and skirt, joined with wide cloth belt
 Outer robe: Mandarin collared

Alternate Riding/Soldier:   boots,

 button down shirt, inside out, pinned shut, or long shirt, cut off the collar and cuffs, and wear it backwards! You could even combine the two - a long t-shirt or sweater underneath, and a 'tunic' shirt over the top.

 Vambraces, belt for quiver, 3 other leather belts (see legolas), bow, cloak with fellowship pin, pair of tall leather boots that aren't
decorated in some undesirable way, and cut your vambraces out of them

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