Thursday, September 26, 2013

Minute Dark Chocolate

So I make some refined-sugar-free dark chocolate that is pretty popular.  Just sayin'! :D  I can mix it together in a minute.  And it's never the same.  I just eyeball it and substitute like mad.   

The two basic recipes are found here.  Or this one.

You can mix and match ingredients in chocolate.  Heat is optional if you don't have to melt the unsweetened chocolate. You can substitute sugar for honey or maple syrup.  One part of  honey or maple syrup equals 2 parts of sugar.  Honey or maple syrup are interchangeable.  If it's too bland, add a pinch more salt or vanilla.  Too dense, add nuts, nut butter, or oil.  Extra virgin olive oil is a bit on the strong side.  Not sweet enough, well,  add sweet!  You get the idea.  And you'll be delighted. ^^

Dip in coconut, nuts, crumbs, drizzle on fruit, pancakes, ice cream, trailmix, cereal...dip  dried fruit, pretzels, cookies, add to batter, or just grab a spoon.

Eventually I'll add an artistic touch and make bonbons as gifts. Oh, wouldn't you like to be my friend? ;)

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