Thursday, September 5, 2013

Modern Day Heroes: How to Know If You Are Merciful and Kind...

Can you be like Jesus? This lady was...

The Amazing Story of Antoinette Tuff

By: Eric MetaxasPublished: September 5, 2013

The scene had all the makings of yet another tragedy. Twenty-year-old Michael Hill walked into the Ronald E. McNair Learning Academy in Decatur, Georgia armed with an AK-47, five hundred rounds of ammunition, and in his words, “nothing to live for.”
Yet events in Decatur didn’t turn into another Newtown, thanks to the grace of God and a remarkable woman armed only with her faith...  Read more

My husband works for the Colson Center, so stories like this come to me all the time. :)  I might suggest they have a tab for "modern day heroes" or "inspirational stories" because knowing how to act in faith and obedience in our modern context is hard.  The Colson Center helps with that a lot.

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