Monday, December 16, 2013

Passing the Prenatal Glucose Tolerance Test

I have a number of things I do to pass this pregnancy test to avoid the inconveniences of a false positive diagnosis. I don't have symptoms. While some women who test positive don't feel symptoms (dry mouth, excessive urinating, cravings, sickness after high carb. foods, etc.), they are rarely re-tested to see if it was false positive. Many things can affect your blood sugar during the test: sleep, sickness, stress, etc. I wouldn't be too worried if I tested positive. I wouldn't be too sure it was right! That's my two cents.

For the one hour alternative food test, my medical practice doesn't require a fast, but that doesn't change your recommended protocol.  Which was:

Dinner the night before: just veggies, protein, not high in carbs and fat
Don't eat for 12 hr 
Walk before
If options are available in the one hour test, take just juice, no banana; 
Exercise for the hour/hours, perhaps in the bathroom inconspicuously.

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