Thursday, December 12, 2013

Voice of the Martyr's Quotes

from their facebook page:

"I have found truly jubilant Christians only in the Bible, in the Underground Church and in prison." ~Richard Wurmbrand, in "Tortured for Christ"

"Only one Bible saved my life...saved my family. We need to print more Bibles!" ~Pastor in a restricted nation
(Through the help of generous donors, VOM will deliver more than one million Bibles into hostile and restricted nations in 2013.)

"O God, accept all my sufferings, my tiredness, my humiliations, my tears, my nostalgia, my being hungry, my suffering of cold, all the bitterness accumulated in my soul. Dear Lord, have pity also on those who persecute and torture us day and night. Grant them, too, the divine grace of knowing the sweetness and happiness of your love."
~From a Christian woman serving time in Vorkuta, the Siberian labor camp

"They [radical Muslims] put out flyers saying my days are numbered. I said, 'You are right! But my days are numbered by the Lord, not by you.'" ~Pastor working in the Middle East 

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