Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Delightful Refreshment of Spirit, the second

Miss America Talent Show Takes a Human Touch

Nature for children: http://buzzpo.com/so-incredibly-sad-this-is-how-3-generations-answer-the-same-question/

Hilarious, and amen.

How he describes his job as a Pastor will leave you in stitches!
Posted by TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network on Thursday, February 19, 2015

More Pro-life:

Klusendorf, my main man:http://prolifetraining.com/resources/five-minute-1/
One of many pinterest boards for pro life inspiration:  https://www.pinterest.com/robinbobo/choose-life/

Chinese characters reminiscent of Genesis and the New Testament:

Pro-life Speech:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Poor People Should Have Abortions, Not Children
The Story of sTEPHANIE fAST - Orphan from Korea, story of leaving shame, embracing Jesus

The story of Kim Phuc - best in the book How Now Shall We Live? by Pearcey and Colson

Here's some of it:
touches. The cruel efficiency of Napalm is once it sticks, it burns hotter than gasoline and more slowly. Two members of Kim’s family were killed as Kim tore off her burning clothes and moments before she collapsed a photo journalist snapped a picture of her confused terror stricken face which became the most famous photograph of the Vietnam War and for which the photographer earned a Pulitzer Prize.

Young Kim spent the next fourteen months in hospitals receiving multiple operations.  In 1982, Kim who had been raised a Buddhist became a Christian. 

John Plummer, had also been in Viet Nam in 1972. He was the man responsible for the air strike and it was his job to make sure no civilians were in the village when the raid began. He left Viet Nam with a different kind of scar. Like many Viet Nam veterans he had trouble adjusting to life back in the states. He developed a substance abuse problem…he went through divorce and relationship problems, but in 1990 John Plummer also became a Christian and later a Methodist pastor.

In 1996, Kim was speaking to a group of veterans at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. at which time she said that if she ever met the man who responsible for her injuries she would tell him that she forgives him and that while they could not change the past perhaps they could change the future. 

Reverend John Plummer was in the audience and he immediately sent word to her that the man she wanted to meet was there.  Twenty four years after a war which left both of them wounded two people were once enemies were enemies no longer and they became more than friends for as Christians they were now members of the same family…they had been reconciled. 

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