Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cheese Rind Uses -Brilliant!

  1. If the rind is pure cheese (with no waxy coating), you can grill/fry the rind until it becomes soft and chewy, put it on a piece of crusty bread, and eat.
  2. Throw them into tomato sauce when cooking. They’ll impart some flavor.*
  3. Throw them into bean soups or Minestrone. *
  4. Throw them into the pot when you’re making stock.
  5. Add to stew.*
  6. Put a rind in the pot when you’re cooking risotto or other rice.
  7. Place them in a jar, pour olive oil over them (perhaps add some garlic cloves, too) and make Parmesan-infused olive oil. Great for dipping bread into.

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