Friday, June 27, 2014

Free Speech Under Attack

  Our president needs to defend free speech.  At least the Supreme Court, with pressure from ACLJ, defended it yesterday.

 Even if you are pro-abortion, would you say it is right to prohibit our first amendment right of peaceful pro-life gatherings in front of abortion clinics?  I would say it is wrong to prohibit peaceful pro-abortion rallies in front of pregnancy care centers.

"The Supreme Court dealt President Obama's radical pro-abortion agenda and his attacks on the Constitution a stunning blow yesterday.

" ... unanimously struck down a pro-abortion law, aimed at shutting down pro-life speech in front of abortion clinics. We filed a critical amicus brief in this case, and the court relied on a case I argued decades ago to protect speech that saves lives.

"... unanimously struck down President Obama's non-recess appointments, sending an important signal that this imperial President's attempts to thwart the Constitution will not stand.

"President Obama attempted to stack a key federal agency with his radical nominees, ignoring the Senate's constitutional authority to "advice and consent." We represented the Speaker of the House of Representatives in an amicus brief, and the Supreme Court agreed with our position that Congress, not the President, determines when Congress is in recess.

"Unanimous victories at the Supreme Court don't happen every day, much less two in one day. We need your support to help make more victories defending life and liberty possible."

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