Friday, June 21, 2013

Saving on the Best: Coconut Milk

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I skimmed through all the comments, and learned:

  • Organic is unneccesary.
  • All coconut milk has to have water as an
  • Amazon,
  • Natural Value is the only brand in BPA free cans.
  •  $1.50 per 14 oz. can is a deal.

DIY options that can cut cost and avoid cans:

  • combining equal parts unsweetened, grated coconut and boiling water. Then I let it sit for 10 minutes and strain it into a mason jar. To thin it out I just pour more hot water through the strainer with the coconut.
  • Organic Creamed Coconut. This comes in a solid block, which you mix with hot water
  • frozen coconut milk from local Asian stores- might have preservatives
  • Tropical Traditions has a coconut cream concentrate that they claim you can mix with water to replace coconut milk. 
Bulk sources: Amazon,

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