Sunday, November 18, 2012

Free Apron Patterns

Also, a great site well organized:
And another:
kitchy patternless apron on model

How to Make an Apron from a Men's Shirt

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Custom Order: Krista Apron
"incredibly easy! I bought the material, created the pattern, and made the apron all in one afternoon. The only tricky part for me was attaching the seam binding around all of the curves."  Add more buttons for growing kids.

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  1. Do you sell patterns for your aprons? They are beautiful..


  2. Actually, I titled this post Free Apron Patterns because every one of these is made from a free pattern you can find online. Most of the links are in the post, if you see one you want.

  3. Hello i like the one you claim gave you a hard time on the curves but that you completed in a day, i did not see the pattern, can you help? thanks so much!


Thanks so much! I greatly value thoughtful comments!! ~ Gabriela